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The annual oil and gas convention and exhibition will be held by Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA). The 39th IPA Convention and Exhibition will be held on 20-22 May 2015 in Jakarta Convention Center themed ``Cooperation to Accelerate Solution Toward Indonesia Energy Crisis.``

To secure subsidized LPG supply for the poor and micro business, PT Pertamina held 3 kg LPG market operation in 74 locations spread in 21 regencies and cities namely MOR I on northern Sumatera, MOR III in western Java, and MOR V in eastern Java. Sixty nine agents and Gas Filling Stations were involved in this market operation.

One of the constraints in fuel to gas conversion policy for transportation is the less number of public vehicles with converter kit. Thus, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Sudirman Said, proposed that converter kit procurement and installment to be conducted by Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to synergize it with other infrastructure development such as Gas Filling Station.   

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To provide a clean and cheap fuel to people, the government is developing city gas network for household. However, the implementation takes time since the network should be connected to each house.
Accompanied by Acting Director General of Oil and Gas IGN Wiratmaja, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Sudirman Said visited two Gas Filling Stations in DKI Jakarta located in Lebak Bulus and Cililitan on Tuesday (3/3). In his visit, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources received explanation and complaint from PT Pertamina as Gas Filling Station owner and also from station officers.
Indonesia crude oil price in February 2015 based on ICP Formula reached Us 54.32 per barrel or increased US$ 9.02 per barrel from US$ 45.30 per barrel in January 2015.
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