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Government is going to continue city gas for household development which has been started since 2009. In 2015, the city gas for household will be developed in Balikpapan and Lhoksukon (Aceh) to serve 4,000 household units.

There are 17 oil and gas cooperation contracts which will end until 2019. Among these, two contracts have been extended on 23 December 2014. They are Gebang Block and Offshore North West Java contract. The 17 contracts are:

In the Hearing with Commission VII of the House of Representatives, the government proposed oil lifting in State Budget Plan-Revision 2015 of 849,000 barrel per day and gas lifting of 1,177,000 barrel of oil equivalent per day. This number is below State Budget 2015 in which the oil lifting is 900,000 barrel per day and gas lifting is 2,148,000 barrel of oil equivalent per day.

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In order to increase national oil and gas reserve and production, the government planned to offer 8 conventional oil and gas working areas in 2015. The working areas consist of 4 working areas offered in direct tender and 4 working areas offered in regular tender.
The government will take the decision on Mahakam Block extension contract in February. At present, the discussion on the block contract which will end in 2017 is in final stage. All parties have comprehend the government`s intention. 
Along with the rising selling price of 12 kg LPG, there has been a migration to 3 kg LPG. To distribute 3 kg LPG effectively, the government is reviewing a closed distribution system option.
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